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Wood flooring exudes beauty and warmth no other material can match. Its aesthetic properties have survived decorating trends and made it the natural choice for flooring throughout the world. At RedGate Flooring we provide the finest flooring from around the world at a competitive price. We have over 10 different species in varying widths and visuals in both engineered and solids to satisfy all of your needs. 



Red Gate Flooring unlike carpets and rugs does not trap dust pollen or other allergens. A cleaner and healthier environment in the home along with easy maintenance will be yours to enjoy for a long time to come. Vertically integrated from the forest to the floor, our manufacturing base in China is world renown for design, innovation and quality. It is supplied with wood species sourced legally worldwide and from our own concessions and production facilities. With offices in the US, China, Malaysia, and South America our local global management team provides consistent product quality, quality control in the production process, excellent service and competitive prices for our customers.